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bread pudding: peaches, blueberries & sourdough – oh my!


When we are swimming in produce, I find a dish to combine everything we have on hand. Today I have sourdough, peaches, blueberries & eggs - time for bread pudding! ingredients: *4-6 tbsp salted butter *2 cups whole milk *1 cup heavy cream *1/2 cup half & half (just in case you need a bit more liquid) *2/3 ...

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beautiful morning in the garden


We've been on the go, but the garden keeps on. The weekly summer storms and my bug-patrol birds & mantis have kept the garden happy and lush. Flowers for the pollinators: The local squirrels have shown little interest in my garden as of late. Hoping that as the peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes ripen the trend continues! Veggies ...

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Friday Flower: Milk Weed


Milkweed. I'm guilting of pulling it. I used to see it as a weed. But, its the nesting spot for monarch butterflies, and I'm happy to give it space in my garden! In the next few weeks the pink flowers will bloom and Im hoping we'll see some monarchs. In addition to providing a nursery for ...

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Friday flower: zinnias on the deck


This Friday flower is Zinnia. This summer beauty can take the heat of full sun and all it needs is water and occasional feeding - we like Neptune's Harvest. The large blooms will pop out from all angles and draw the pollinators into my deck garden. They get a little zinnia nectar and make stops ...

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