About me.

Love may be the secret ingredient that finishes an unforgettable homemade dish. But they all start with a base, a foundation of the basics; what the Tuscans call a "Soffritto." Today it's red peppers, garlic and onion. Tomorrow, red pepper, carrots and onion. Each Tuscan home has their own version, each the start of something great, something delicious, something unforgettable.

TheSoffritto.com is a journal of of my adventures in the garden and the kitchen.

Traveling with my husband through Italy awoke a passion for digging in the garden and creating in the kitchen. The instant our plane touched back down in the states, I immediately started my first garden - an herb garden of basil, thyme, and rosemary.

Being a Native-Californian, I was exposed to an abundance of amazing fruits and vegetables. From the juicy jewels from the mulberry tree, to grazing on figs and tangerines in the orchard, I grew up loving food. After becoming pregnant with my son in 2007, I started a small container vegetable garden on my deck. The first growing season in Maryland was challenging, but I kept journal of my garden successes and mistakes. Two containers in 2007 has grown to nearly twenty containers today.

This year I'm growing more from seed, trying more heirloom varieties, and we've joined the Breezy Willow Farm CSA. I'm so excited to combine the harvest from my garden and the local farm. This blog is a chronicle of how I'm juggling mother-hood, married-life, working, and finding little moments just for me.

Each day presents a fresh opportunity. Chop it up, throw it in the pot, and let it the soffritto simmer.