Sorting Through the Gifts

The holidays & 2011 are coming to a close. This season was full of thoughtful & generous gifts (books, prints & kitchen tools galore!) as well as our first family holiday trip to New York.

I'm really excited to dig into my books, mortar & pestle, and new knives. My husband surprised me with some fablous garden related prints as well. Earlier this year, I found an artist on Etsy that seemed to capture how I feel about gardening & food and bring it to life, in print-form. Below are links to where you can pick up some of the books and learn more about some of my new gadgets.

Prints: Victory Garden of Tommorrow

Books: Food52 Cookbook The Silver Spoon India La Cucina The Cheesemonger's Kitchen The Heirloom Life Gardener

Kitchen Tools: Mortar & Pestle Shun 10" Chef's Knife Magnetic Knife Bar

Most of my time off has been filled with playdates and Lego construction, but I've snuck a few moments to look through the new books and get some culinary ideas for 2012. One gift we're really looking forward to using, is a gift card to a local french bistro. Dinners out are few and far between these days. Better make that Valentine's Day reservation!