Summer Reading

20110802-074949.jpg Reading outdoors is my new favorite pastime. Often, I'm joined by my three year old and more often than not we read his books! Recently we found artist/author Nikki McClure, and we are really digging her books, specifically "Mama Is It Summer Yet?" The picture book the shifts from cold barren Winter, through Spring's warm up and before you know it, you find yourself basking in the Summer sun. Nikki's art is nothing short of amazing. Each image starts from just a piece paper, an x-acto knife and her inspiration.

My garden's progression is not unlike "Mama Is It Summer Yet?" The garden started from seed in February to fruits, veg & herbs in August. Before I know it I'll be canning and getting out the autumn clothes. I've put so much blood, sweat & tears into the garden this year - and reading outside provides another means to enjoy it, other than feasting on it!



To find out more about Nikki McClure check out her website, and you can find her books on Amazon.