Bachelor's Button

20120507-083909.jpg Flowers are a necessary garden component. Not only do they fend off weeds, look pretty, and attract pollinators, but some taste good too! The Bachelor's Buttons (aka Cornflowers) I planted last fall came back stronger than ever this spring. They are a little over 12 inches tall and bloom beautifully, check them out:






Wasn't that gorgeous?! I didn't grow enough to save seeds and to devour in my next salad or risotto, but this Autumn I will. Bachelor's Buttons also come in cerulean blue, hot pink, and the black varies from purple to burgundy - depending on the light. Yesterday I did a haphazard seed planting, I hope they like the backyard planters as much as they like my deck-rail boxes! Planting these from seed is quite easy and I recommend it! Watching the blooms go from tiny sprout to a tall bloom is amazing. I picked up my seeds from Baker Creek.



What flowers are you growing this spring? Anything new, edible, or exotic?