Chard is Going to Seed

20120528-101030.jpg Last year was my first exposure to growing leafy greens. I was drawn to the beauty of golden chard, as well as it's easy growing. My chard plants produced into January before they went dormant. I was thrilled to see them spring back to life in March, and mystified when they stopped growing leaves and started growing long stalks speckled with beads.


These aren't any ordinary beads, my chard is going to seed. Just in time too! It's just about time for me to harvest the rest of the lettuce and sow chard, basil & arugula seeds.



As each little bead bursts open with a flower, I hope to photograph and harvest the chard seeds. I won't see this process next year, not until 2014, so I'm hoping for a successful harvest & planting! What are you letting go to seed in your garden? Any springtime surprises?