Foraging for Chive Blossoms


Chives are blooming all over the garden. The purple & white flowers aren't just beautiful, they're scrumptious. Over the past week, I've carefully snipped partially open buds and brought them inside making a beautiful bouquet & a delicious addition to breakfast, lunch & dinner.


If you don't grow chives, you can find these tasty gems at farmers markets. But I recommend giving them a try in your garden, no matter how small your space is. Mine have grown in the same container for 5 years & delight me with more blossoms each year.


I love chive blossoms on anything you'd sprinkle chives; eggs, stir fry, chicken salad, roasted potatoes, cream cheese, lox, and especially in my farro risotto.

Something else popped up in my garden this week, praying mantis hatchlings! There's always something fun going on in the garden - I'm hoping to see humming birds & butterflies feasting on zinnia nectar soon!


What's happening in your garden?