foraging in your backyard: dill, cilantro & mustard greens

20140525-112426-41066898.jpg There's a lot growing in my backyard. Hostas, Lavender, Zebra Grass, Black-eyed Susans, and Dahlias. But there's more.


Seeds from my upstairs deck garden scattered all around my backyard and now I reap the rewards. Dill, cilantro, mustard greens & flowers are scattered in-between the larger plants. I'm harvesting now before the beds are shaded & Black-eyed Susans fill in the garden beds.



When harvesting, weeding, and planting in the garden, take care. Look at your surroundings and keep an eye out for plants that may be poisonous and/or make you itch! Smell and look closely at anything you think is safe. Often weeds will grow in-between other plants, and you may not want to consume those!



First stop for the dill, cilantro & mustard greens is the sink! All were washed individually in cold water & spun in a salad spinner.


Don't forget about your garden finds in the fridge! Make a plan and use them up quickly. The dill will pair with chives on some new potatoes tonight. The cilantro will be atop shrimp fajitas tomorrow. The mustard greens are destined for a pickle jar & to a pork sandwich next weekend!


Found anything in your garden? Chive blossoms, asparagus, or ramps?!