Garden 2013: What I'm growing this year

The last snow of the season is blanketing my neighborhood, but spring is on my mind. A month ago I started my tomatoes, peppers & some flowers. This year's garden will be a bit different than last. No jungle of tomatoes in the backyard this time...I'm focusing on a few peppers, cucs, tomatoes, lettuces, greens, herbs & flowers. My garden needs to be a bit more self sufficient.


Though I'll have a bit of help from a gardener, I'm trying to cut back. With our ever growing family I won't be able to spend as much time watering, weeding or outside picking cabbage worms & tomato hornworms.


Here's what's on my garden list:

Tomatoes Abraham Lincoln Tomato Pineapple Tomato Costoluto Genovese Tomato

Peppers Cayenne Pepper Fish Pepper Jalapeño Pepper Lemon Drop Pepper Poblano Pepper Bell Pepper Pequillo Pepper

Greens Rainbow Chard Golden Chard Lacinato Kale Arugula


Others Hardneck Garlic Mexican Sour Gerkin Cucumber Butternut squash Okra Tomatillo

Herbs Cumin Cilantro Dill Marjoram Chives Emily Basil Thai Basil Chervil Rosemary Oregano Thyme Sage Mint Lemongrass

Flowers Chamomile Violet Black Bowles Pansy Pansy Orange Sun Dahlia Bachelors Button Zinnia Marigold Nasturtiums

All of my seeds came from Baker Creek, Fedco Seeds, or my garden. They are all non-GMO & organic. We are putting a priority on what we consume & what goes into our soil. If you don't grow from seed make sure you know where your seedlings came from. One of the best ways is to ask friends that grow from seed if they'll grow a few extra for you. Otherwise, try farmers markets and organic grocers.


Anything growing in your garden this year?