Garden Sprouts

After a weekend of hard work, it's rewarding to see a little garden green!

There's so much green in the garden these days. Thankfully we've had some rain to keep things growing sans-hose. Right now I've a wide variety of veg outside:

    French Breakfast Radishes Lacinato Kale Parmex Carrots Beets - chioggia & golden Cippolini onions Hardneck garlic Lettuce Mustard greens Golden & Rainbow Chard Kohlrabi Peas Herbs: chervil, chives, dill, cilantro, thyme, sage, rosemary, lavender, and I'm trying to coax my mint, lemongrass and lemon verbena back to life

Wow - that's more than I thought!

Things are coming along in the basement too. Some plants are not ready to venture outside, I still have evenings that get frosty. For now, these plants are growing indoors under florescent bulbs:

    Tomato: orange pixie, pruden's purple & purple cherokee Tomatillo Sweet bell peppers Pequillo peppers Hot peppers: passilla, poblano, fish, cayenne, and jalapeño Cucumbers Butternut squash Okra Eggplant - one measly seed sprouted. I'm thinking about a last minute order... Herbs: genovese basil, thai Basi, and marseilles basil Green beans

No vegetable garden is complete without bait for the pollinators! Here's my flower plan:

    Queen Sopihia Marigolds Bachelor's Button Chamomile English Daisies (I love them even if they are considered a weed!) Zinnias - bright green

A few flowers are bursting outside too:

I'm sure I forgot something...or will fall prey to the delights of my local garden center. I was especially prudent - sort of- with my garden budget this year. I joined a new CSA, full share, and I'm a little nervous/intimidated/anxious/excited. Sould be quite an adventure!