garlic in february

20130218-170306.jpg My deck garden is looking fairly gloomy & sparse. But if you look a little closer you'll see a bit of green. In October, I planted some garlic cloves. Some of the cloves came from local organic farms (Love Dove & Breezy Willow), while the others came from my 2012 garlic harvest. I was thrilled with how easy it was to grow fantastic garlic in containers, so I'm doing it again and hoping for another great haul!



If my count is right, and things grow as planned, I'll be harvesting 30-40 bulbs of garlic in June! Which is great timing because something else will be done growing in June...and I think I'll be MIA from the garden after this kid pops. But back to why I grow my own garlic - Homegrown garlic is second to none. The bulbs are fatter, the taste is pungent, and it's way cheaper/better quality than what you buy in the supermarket bins. If you really don't have the space to grow it yourself, find a local farm that grows is sooo worth it!


So things look a little bleak in the garden, I'm ok with that. In just a few months I'll be feasting on garlic scapes & shortly after that I'll be pulling up garlic bulbs!

Is anything slowly growing in your winter garden?