garlic scape corner

20140530-143519-52519635.jpg My garlic beds have moved a few times over the years, this past season I grew garlic in containers on my front patio. Sadly, out of 20 bulbs only 5 produced plants, which means I'm getting 5 scapes! A garlic scape is a flower that grows out of the head of garlic. We cut (and devour) our scapes so the plant focuses the last 3-4 weeks of growing on the bulbs under the ground.


A few years ago I detailed the best way to harvest the garlic scapes and then how to harvest and cure the garlic bulbs. Though we only have 5 this year, I'm sure that Gorman Farm and LoveDove Farm will have plenty of garlic scapes & garlic for us to buy, I've got to remember to save 20 cloves to plant this October - location TBD!


As the scapes are harvested we'll sauté and grill them up in numerous meals. Over the weekend we enjoyed garlic scapes with our grilled pork chops. How do you cook your garlic scapes?