gifts from my garden

It all started with having too many glass jars. I wanted some non-edible, but equally delightful, treats from the garden. Why not make my own salt scrub? I poured through my cupboards looking for what scented my fav bubbles, scrubs and balms. Over and over again it was lemon verbena, rosemary and lavender - items growing in my garden!

So I scoped out Amazon for oil & salt. Then I cut & dried the rosemary and lavender... and pulverized my lemon verbena leaves in my food processor. The last ingredient is essential oil, and I found a variety at my local organic market.

I filled the jars with salt (about half way), the herb of choice, a few drops of the corresponding essential oil (the stuff is very strong) and slowly stirred in the massage oil. Two gallons of oil, two containers of salt and three teeny jars of essential oils made 15 jars of scrub! I love the scrubs - so much so that some of my family and friends may receive a jar of scrub for Christmas!