Growing Chamomile


My chamomile flowers are just starting to bloom. Early this spring I sowed the seeds in one of my deck-rail containers. The plants get good sun, and a regular breeze - but it took ages to get going. This, is apparently a good sign. Chamomile takes its time, and enjoys a few frigid nights before the summer swelter. As do I!


I decided to grow chamomile after participating in last winter's DDC. There were so many ingredients that I wanted to cook with, but couldn't because I couldn't find them locally. One week, I desperately wanted to feature some local honey in a cup of chamomile tea. But I couldn't find local chamomile tea, and I didn't have any dried chamomile - Outta luck! So I made a list of things I really wanted to have for the next DDC, chamomile and stevia are on the top of the list!


So now I need to read up on drying chamomile. I hope it's as easy as drying rosemary, and other herbs. Have you ever dried chamomile flowers and made your own tea? I'd love to hear about your experiences!