Growing Mint

20120604-141343.jpg I love love mint. It's easy to grow, drought tolerant, and tastes great with rum. This year I'm growing six different varieties: Orange, Pineapple, Apple, Chocolate, Sweet & Spearmint. My fav is pineapple, but I have a feeling orange & chocolate will be in a close race for second place.

The best way to grow mint is in a container. Mint wants to grow and take over the world, so keep it contained and snip runners when you see them. I've never grown mint from seed, always from new plants. If you are interested in growing mint, find a friend who grows it and snip a few branches. Keep some for your mojito and one to plant in your garden (container!).

Check out my mint in the pics below:

20120604-141359.jpg Pictured above: Orange Mint

20120604-141407.jpg Pictured above: Chocolate Mint

20120604-141413.jpg Pictured above: Apple Mint

20120604-141420.jpg Pictured above: Sweet Mint

20120604-141427.jpg Pictured above: Spearmint

20120604-141433.jpg Pictured above: Pineapple Mint

Are you growing any mint in your garden? Which one is your favorite?