Growing Mushrooms

A dear friend gave me the coolest birthday gift - mushrooms in a box! Now the rest of my gifts were really awesome but two things took this simple box of spores & dirt over the top: 1. She hates mushrooms, with a passion & 2. I'm growing my own mushrooms and don't have to buy a special book to decipher their toxicity! How cool is that?!

Now it's been a painless process but getting started was kind of awkward. After I mastered the soaking & drainage part it was a cinch. The kit is made by Back to the Roots and you can purchase kits in stores or through their website; they offer replacement bags as well.

I highly recommend this kit, overall it's easy, mess-free, and only requires a spritz of water twice a day. Right now the company offers oyster mushrooms - I look forward to additional varieties in the future. I'm also looking forward to cooking with these bad boys! What should I make?!