Growing Peas

20120528-101354.jpg Peas are making a jungle out of my deck garden! The teeny tendrils grew into goliath vines. The past few weeks of rain and warmth must have excited these pods, one day I'm inundated with blossoms and the next day they're growing pods.


Instead of netting, I'm using two trellises in a container. So far, they're happy, and hidden from the squirrels. This spot is fairly sunny, but only in the morning. Which has been good, I don't think they'd survive the killer afternoon sun. Since this is my first pea-growing adventure, I'm not sure of the growing season length or pests to look out for. As long as it produces I must be doing something right!


Soon it will be time to shell some peas! I'm a little overwhelmed but delighted with the sweet gems in each pod. This week I should harvest ~20 pods, not a mountain of work. Last night I tasted the raw peas. They were sweet and crisp... but how would they do with a little olive oil and sea salt?


I know the season will be short, but now I know to plant double the amount next year! After the pea-season ends green-beans will be in action. My work in the garden - thankfully - never ends!