How Does Your Garden Grow?

20120422-110517.jpg I still can't believe it was 80 degrees last Saturday, then flurries Monday night. Only in Maryland! Though the weather's a bit nutty, I try to take advantage of the super-sunny days when I get them. Most of my veg plants are still in their seedling trays and I don't plan on transplanting them to cowpots until this weekend. This allows me a bit of flexibility. I can move them in and out of the house with ease, and the plants get all the benefits of hardening-off, (aka getting ready to be outside.)

Plants still indoors: Tomatoes Hot & Sweet Peppers Butternut Squash Cucumbers Eggplant Tomatillos






There are a few plants that like the chilly temps in my garden. In addition to the indoor/outdoor bunch I'm growing a lot of lettuces, root vegetables, peas, onions, dark leafy greens and garlic. I've been lucky to have a good amount of rain and I've only watered a few times. When I do transplant, and things warm up, I'll be adding a little Neptune's Harvest to the weekly watering. It's a liquid plant food made up of emulsified fish and kelp. Additionally, the garden will get a dose of compost mid-summer. Happy plants grow yummy veg!







I'm thankful for the success I've had so far and I can't wait to try my very own peas. What are you growing this year? Anything new? Anything tried and true?