How My Garden Grew


The summer gardening season is coming to a close. Though I'll get another haul of tomatillos, peppers and tomatoes, my fennel, cucumbers, squash and herbs are slowing down. I will be planting an autumn garden, and garlic again, but that's a cinch compared to the amount if time and work I put into the spring & summer garden this year.

In the front garden the all stars were the herbs. The prostrate rosemary continues to bloom, and might get a transplant to a deeper pot.


Mint, okra, basil & eggplants did alright in the front. Though of the 4, the mint & basil rocked, where eggplant & okra were on the low side.


The front garden is a delightful mess of annuals, perennials, and hardy plants that just take up space. Next year I'm planning an overhaul of the front. But I need some off time to make my plans come true.


One of the front garden all-stars is lemongrass. This plant was happy as a clam all spring and summer long. Soon it will be time to harvest & freeze/dry these fragrant reeds.


Marigolds & peppers did well this year. Though I think the slugs had a hand in destroying some of them. If I grow peppers in the ground again, I'll need a new strategy.


I was plagued by the plant/weed below. My garden was inundated with it. If I was more concerned I would have done more, after July I just gave up.


My thyme & chives seemed to like being in the ground. I'll see if they come back after the winter, if not, I'll definitely replant. 20120820-110604.jpg

To the deck. No weeds here, just 40+ pots of veg & herbs. I had hopes of irrigating the pots, but it rained enough that I really only had to water a few days a week.



The big producers this year were tomatoes, tomatillos, poblano & pequillo peppers. 20120820-110625.jpg



Surprisingly my black violas made it through the summer. I found a shady spot and kept them watered. I'm thinking about transplanting these in September when things cool off a bit more.


On to the backyard. This is certainly a jungle. The hostas, black eyed susan's & ornamental grasses were huge. But I had some room for a few containers to grow squash, as well as the 10 tomato plants that came up on their own.


The tomatoes took root behind each of the grasses, and flourished. They appear to be tomatoes that I got from last years CSA. I've never grown reds, and these all ripen to a deep red color. 20120820-110712.jpg

The butternut squash seems happy. So far I've found 4 fruit, and I'm hoping for more. The squash vines wove in and out of the flowers and tomatoes. next year I'll be more diligent about hand pollinating. In the last few months I thought the bees could handle it. Though, four is better than one!




The fall sprouts are up, and it's time to start canning, freezing, and drying. It's definitely been a fun season, but a lot of work. Often I think having a bigger garden would suit me. However, on days like this, I'm happy that I have the limit of the small space. Otherwise I'd never have time to cook and enjoy the harvest!