I Spy: Butternut Squash

20120618-094053.jpg Last year my butternut squash plant produced 1 squash. It was delicious, but 1 is not enough! So I bumped up to 6 plants this year, in the hopes this means more than 6 squash.

I may have to resort to manual pollination, but so far it seems like the bees are doing their job. Below is a picture of 1 of my containers of butternut squash plants. Growing squash in a container is easy. I water regularly and either add compost or liquid kelp/fish meal fertilizer every 3 weeks. Other than that - I just have to remind the squash vines to grow into my backyard instead of the patio.


Are you growing any squash in containers this year? When my plants are done in the fall, I'll pull the plants, add a ton of compost and plant garlic. So far, both have done well in containers!