I spy: Chive Blossoms

Saturday morning I headed outside to get some dill for my eggy crumpets and noticed something in the chives. A few pink buds are making their way up toward the sun - chive blossoms! I love love love chive blossoms. Not only are they beautiful - and attract the good bugs - but they are tasty. We keep them raw, I think cooking this delicate blossom would be too much. Last year my chives sent up quite a few blooms, and continued to bloom in the heat of the summer, check them out.

Year after year my chives come back. They are certainly the toughest herb in my garden, and they taste awesome too. They grow easily from seed, and are fairly tolerant of any extreme condition - heat, shade, dry, drenched - I don't think anything can slow them down. Well except for my fam's appetite for them!

What's your fav herb? Have you tried growing chives?