I Spy: Garlic Scapes


This year I grew my garlic in containers on the deck. Back in February, my garlic shoots were small but surviving. Today, they are growing tall & sending up garlic scapes! The light green bloom in the picture above, is a scape and is delicious!


Over the next few weeks, the scapes will continue to grow & curl. Once I see 2-3 twists per scape, I'll harvest the scapes and grill, sauté, pesto & pickle them!


Though I'll only harvest 15-20 scapes, I will be scouring the farmers markets for bundles of scapes. Last year I picked up a few from Love Dove Farm @ the Howard County Farmers Market at the Miller Library. If you grow garlic, check for scapes! If you don't grow it, look for scapes at your farmers markets in the coming weeks!