I Spy: Kohlrabi

20120605-194454.jpg Kohlrabi is finally growing! It's crisp, tasty - cooked or raw - and is way more fun to eat than ol' broccoli. This is one of my fav springtime veggies and this is my first time growing it. At first I had these little orbs out front, they were stunted and unhappy. So I transplanted the buggahs to the back, into partial shade and viola - happy kohlrabi!


I still have a few plants struggling to grow out front, I guess there's more digging in my future this week. Hopefully there will be more kohlrabi cooking in my future too! A few weeks ago I made an awesome rissotto with farro & kohlrabi, and I highly recommend it!


How about you? Growing any cool fun vegetables or fruit?