I Spy: Pea Blossoms


This is my first time growing peas. For the last few weeks I've been dazzled by the tiny green tendrils shooting, darting, and searching for something to hold on to. Last night I saw the first blossoms, which means peas will soon follow!


Above you can see a blossom getting ready to open. I have no doubt that a flower will be in its place when I get home! It's moments like this, anticipation, that are so rewarding to me as a gardener. I lovingly planted and nurtured these little guys from seed, and as the sun shines on them, they develop in to vegetables soon to be on my table.



Another garden addition is Miss Roxy. Shes an adorable lab-mix that just completed a cross-country journey with my sister. You'll see her in the garden and yard [and kitchen] from time to time. I think the neighborhood squirrels are formally on notice - this girl can book it!


And here's Jay - the consummate host. He's teaching Roxy the ropes and is absolutely smitten with her!


So what's new in your garden? Any thing flowering or barking?