I Spy: Tomatoes

20120604-152025.jpg Tomatoes are popping up all over the garden! So far just one plant boasts all the fruit, but there are flowers on almost all of the plants. This year I'm sticking with the same tomato line-up: Purple Cherokee, Pruden's Purple & Orange Pixie. These are all magnificent raw tomatoes. I'm leaving the sauce tomatoes up to the local farms.


Over the weekend I found out that I'm growing more tomatoes in my backyard planters. I'm not sure how the plants got down there, but obviously I planted tomato seeds instead of flower seeds! Or - somehow the seeds from my compost germinated into plants, doubtful, but you never know. I don't plan on babying the backyard plants, yet. Especially since that planter got the lions share of the homemade compost. I put up a few tomato cages and released a few ladybugs.

Always an adventure here at The Soffritto!


Did you - knowingly - plant any tomato seeds/plants this year? What kind? Happy growing!