June Blooms

20120604-141109.jpg Lots of pretty things are blooming in the garden. An important part of vegetable gardening is having some flowers to attract bees, butterflies & ladybugs. Right now my garden is exploding with flowers of all colors: black, purple, pink, red, yellow, orange, and hopefully some green zinnias soon! Check out the pics below for a small sampling of the June Blooms in my garden:

20120604-141123.jpg Pictured Above: Lavender


20120604-141138.jpg Pictured Above: Marigolds


20120604-141159.jpg Pictured Above: Geraniums

20120604-141212.jpg Pictured Above: Zinnia

20120604-141217.jpg Pictured Above: English Daisy

20120604-141231.jpg Pictured Above: Arugula Flowers

20120604-141238.jpg Pictured Above: Bachelor's Button

20120604-141255.jpg Pictured Above: Black Viola

Many of these are edible (viola, bachelor's button, arugula flowers) and some are just summer garden staples, (geraniums & zinnia.) I love having flowers throughout the garden. The viola are shade dwellers, while the lavender soaks up the summer sun.

What is your favorite garden bloom?