March (front) Garden

20130304-112336.jpg My front garden, like my deck & back garden, is still sleeping. But there is green to be found, and not just boxwoods! Just this weekend my bulbs sent up shoots. Hyacinth, iris & daffodil blooms are right around the corner, and right on time. Though this winter didn't produce much snow, it was cold.


Instead of buying bulbs, my spring beauties have come from Trader Joes. Each year around this time their flower section is full of primroses, mini iris & daffodil plants. Last year I scored some hyacinth too. I'm sure it would be cheaper to just purchase the bulbs but sometimes inspiration strikes - and for some reason it's at Trader Joes. Over the next few weeks I'll have my eyes peeled for some new additions. Fingers crossed for more iris plants!


Each year I let leaves collect in the garden. Instead of raking them, I let them decompose and send nutrients back into the soil. My front garden is mostly ornamental & floral but I do grow herbs & occasionally chard. There's something utilitarian about using all the green space I've got, even if it's just a couple of postage stamps.

With baby #2 on the way I've enlisted some help in the garden this year. Lauren's Garden Service will be helping me by clearing out all the dead growth in the front & back, regrading soil & removing some over growth. Her team is also helping me on the deck as well. I just can't lift those bags of soil this year, let alone haul them from the garden center!


Any color popping up in your garden this March?