My Favorite Pansy - Violet Bowles' Black


I love to see bright colors in the garden. When I first started gardening, a gorgeous flower caught my eye for it's lack of color, and it's been my favorite flower since. I picked up 2 Violet Bowles' Black Pansy plants at my local garden center a few years ago, it was such a rare find that someone stole the second plant right out of my cart! My then 3 year old was furious and attempted to yell at the closest shopper to us! The following year, the garden center didn't carry the plant. So now I grow my own.


The photo above is a pansy that reseeded and came back to my front garden. In the fall, I transplant the remaining pansies from my shaded areas to the front garden. Most of the perennials I grow from seed come back. They must like my brand of compost!

In February, I started 6 seed pots with the Violet Bowles' Black Pansy. All took and were transplanted to my window box. The contrast of green rosemary, red brick & black pansy should add a little interest to my front window. I have some terra cotta containers on my deck that will receive a direct sowing of Violet Bowles' Black Pansy seeds this weekend. The spot is shady & by October the plants will be perfect for the front garden.


A few weeks ago I sowed some bright orange viola seeds. Looks like they may add some color to the mix too (see below)! You never know what will pop up in the spring, all of my thyme & lavender varieties surprised me with green leaves & new growth. Next I should see some hosta & black eyed susan's emerge out back.