my front porch * bursting with color

20140608-160716-58036330.jpg Now that the weather has warmed my front garden has exploded with perennials and my flowers are brightening things up. I have a mix of store-bought & homegrown flowers this year - one of these days I'll be all homegrown - and most love the sun and heat.


Mt thyme & chives came roaring back to life early in May, both need a trim. Additionally I have African Marigolds throughout the garden bringing a pop of color and extremely low maintenance.

Also in the mix is a variety of Milk Weed. There's nothing meticulous or well trimmed about my garden. It is for the pollinators and our enjoyment. So few gardens are pesticide-free these days. I try to cultivate a garden full of color, nectar and fragrance for us and those winged friends.


Those needing TLC, stay close to the house where they get a reprieve from the intense summer sun. My black violas & pansies will last a few weeks longer because of the afternoon shade.


Next to burst open are these bachelors buttons. Many will grow 2-3 feet tall! A it of height mixed in with the low growers makes for an eyeful. You won't find bachelors buttons at the garden center, but you will find the seeds. Plant some now for some beautiful late summer blooms.