(not hot) Peppers

20110820-013100.jpg Last week my CSA newsletter mentioned that the stinkbugs spoiled their bell pepper crop this year. While their offerings were a little on the small-side, I didn't mind, my peppers are rockin! This year, I grew bell, sweet, and pequillo peppers on the deck, and all the spicy peppers out front. I'm not exactly sure why I had a better yield than the CSA. But I think a few factors contributed, (1) each pepper plant is situated next to a marigold plant, (pests hate the fragrance of marigold), (2) I frequently pick and squish stinkbugs, (3) I released ladybugs into the garden three times this year in the hopes that they'd eat the stinkbug eggs, and (4) i fed and added compost to the plants every two weeks. Whatever I did, or maybe this is all a coincidence, it worked.

The Plants:

20110820-013150.jpg 20110820-013159.jpg 20110820-013207.jpg

My peppers have been steady producers all year, and might continue into the autumn - and we are not tired of them yet! The fresh peppers made their way into numerous dishes, including gazpacho and chopped for dipping into hummus, I canned and froze ripe roasted peppers. The preserved peppers will be a welcome treat when making hummus, chili, tamale pie and tortilla soup this winter.

20110820-013220.jpg Bell Peppers 20110820-013229.jpg Pequillo Peppers

20110820-013238.jpg Sweet Peppers