Of Bees & Tomatillos

20120624-153230.jpg Bees love tomatillo blossoms! For the past two weeks, my tomatillo plants have been inundated with honey & bumble bees. This is my first tomatillo growing season. Last year I brought them home by the bucket-full from the CSA. So I figured why not grow my own?!


Presently, I have 3 plants. Two are growing strong on the deck (see above) while the other is struggling in my front garden. I hope that a healthy dose of compost will get the straggler in gear, but if not, the two on the deck may provide enough tomatillos for salsa verde all summer long.



As you can see, I was fascinated with this little bee. The bee buzzed from flower to flower for 15 minutes. These are well pollinated plants! I tried not to bother it too much, but I was pulled in but the bees focus and precision. Not a single flower left behind.

I can't wait to see more pollinators fluttering in the tomatillo, as well, as other plants in the garden. Hopefully this translates into a large summer bounty!



Do you grow tomatillos? What else do you like to make with these tangy gems?