One Tulip

20130412-105219.jpg We moved to the western side of Howard County 6 years ago this August. One of the appeals was the additional gardening & outdoor space. After our first winter I noticed tons of tulip shoots & plants, so I held off on any garden renovations to see what lied beneath the soil. They never sent up flowers. Annoyed, I made considerable changes in the front garden and along my front walk up. Never again did I see a tulip plant, probably because it was hidden under something else. Well this year something changed...I have a tulip plant and flower.


I don't know if it's the success I've had with daffodil or hyacinth bulbs, but this yellow tulip decided it was time to shine - and shine it does. Last weeks heat wave devastated my poor daffodils & primroses. But there at the top of the garden my lone yellow tulip stands tall.

Any garden surprises this spring? My tulip has me considering an autumn bulb planting....