Pulling Up Parsnips

20130328-144410.jpg I spotted some new green sprouts in my parsnip container & decided to investigate. After digging down an inch or so I found some beautiful white roots! This was my first try at parsnip growing & quite a success. Out of the 10 seeds I planted, 6 grew long, fat & quite happily all fall & winter.


Now what to cook with these beauties. I could do a strifry or stirfry soup. Or maybe something roasted like Moroccan root vegetables. Possibilities are endless.


I sowed the parsnip seeds in one of my large containers on the deck, I didn't want to risk a deer or other critter nibbling on them while they slept all winter. I'm not sure why I didn't try growing parsnips before, I love that I could grow them in the off season. While I was bundled up inside they were busy growing & building up sugars. Yum!


Parsnips aren't the only thing waking up in the garden. My chives, garlic chives & hardneck garlic are all pushing out of the soil too! Now that the soil is loosening I might sow some radish & carrot seeds.

Anything waking up in your garden?