Rosemary in my Windowbox

20130304-112128.jpg A few years ago my husband & son gave me the best Mother's Day gift, a windowbox. For the past 4 years I've grown just one herb & a couple of accent flowers in it. The flowers are usually black violas and the herb is prostrate rosemary. Prostrate rosemary is a little different than regular rosemary, it grows low & will hang over the side of my window box.


I have not sourced prostrate rosemary seeds just yet, and I haven't seen the plants at any of my local garden stores in I'm on the hunt. I've successfully grown other rosemary plants from seed, looks like I need to search a little harder for the prostrate variety.


When it's a bit warmer & the grill is back in use, I find myself snipping from my rosemary windowbox nightly. This earthy herb makes it into almost every dish with ease & is especially delicious on grilled bread. Nothing makes me smile more (other than my silly 5 year old) than seeing my window box teeming with rosemary & viola blooms. Thankfully spring is just around the corner, guess I need to start growing my violas!


Did anything overwinter in your garden?