Second Favorite Pollinator: Butterflies

20120723-163802.jpg Butterflies are fluttering throughout the garden. I happened to catch this one dinning on some marigold nectar. She's been in the garden every afternoon for the past week, guess I'm doing something right!


The bummer about this beauty, she's not interested in any of the vegetable flowers. Just the marigolds, zinnias, and lavender. This is why she takes the silver medal in my book. The bees make good use of all the flora in the garden; basil flowers, tomato flowers, and they go gaga for tomatillo flowers.


The moral of this garden story, be diverse in your plantings. The more varieties = more garden visitors. Just the other day a hummingbird was zipping around the flowers too, who needs a bottle of red dye #5 & sugar when you have red, yellow, white, green, orange and purple flowers?!


So what's your favorite pollinator?