Sow Seeds Now

20130408-114711.jpg This is going to be a warm week in central Maryland, so I'm sowing some seeds now! Not tomatoes, peppers, zinnias or basil, those seeds were sown indoors back in February & are threatening to take over my basement. I'm sowing kohlrabi, spinach, lettuce, chard & violas today. This week's warm temps will give my spring crops a jump start at germination & hopefully I'll bee munching on some of them by the end of the month.


I also sowed some herbs too - chervil & cilantro into moveable pots & dill in a deck planter. Chervil & cilantro go to seed in the summer months, but if you keep them shaded you can prolong their greenery.


Late last week I planted golden beet & arugula seeds, looks like those took and I should have a nice crop of both by the end of May.


Over the last few weeks I've also spotted some winter survivors. Tarragon, garlic chives & oregano are ready for a spring haircut already:




It was great to see their green pop up. My rosemary, strawberries & regular chives bounced back too. Should be fun to see which perennials make it back. Anything popping up in your garden?