Thursday Harvest

This afternoon I came home to monstrous okra, golden cherry tomatoes, ripe cayenne peppers, and thai basil that's begging to be used. Here's what we harvested this evening: Little Fingers Eggplant 20110721-074858.jpg

Okra 20110721-074932.jpg

Golden Chard 20110721-074944.jpg


Everyday my garden seems to double in size and things are starting to ripen. One of this year's favorites is pineapple mint. It makes an amazing mojito! 20110721-075215.jpg

Pineapple Mojito (serves 2) 4 springs of pineapple mint 1 tbsp Vanilla Sugar Juice of 1 lime 4 oz good rum 1 can of ginger ale

In a cocktail shaker, muddle the mint and sugar. Squeeze in the lime, and add the rum. Add a few ice cubes and shake shake.

Fill two glasses with crushed ice, pour over the rum mixture and top with the ginger ale. Enjoy!