Tomatoes I Grew (and cooked!)

20120827-121128.jpg This was the Summer, of unplanned tomatoes. After clearing out the backyard planters, and working in heady home-compost, up shot 20 random tomato plants. It took about a month or so before I really noticed them. Though I don't know how I missed these, they were in between the blackeyed susans and hostas. Well now all of my tomatoes are ripening and though it might be hard to get to some of these guys, especially with the squash vines, it's been a great way to compare container tomatoes with in ground tomatoes.


My favorites, as always, are the Purple Cherokee, some even turned pink! It's a tomato that you can devour immediately, no salt needed. The crop was so plentiful that I had enough to satisfy my raw needs as well and canning needs. So far I've canned some super spicy salsa, and crushed tomatoes are lined up for this weekend!


Some of my favorite ways to prepare tomatoes are: BLTs Tabouleh Salad Eggplant Parm Salsa Ratatouille

What's your favorite way to nosh on tomatoes?