transplanting dahlias

20140504-093218.jpg Back in February, I planted Unwins Mix Dahlia seeds from Baker Creek. Though I saved tubers from last year's dahlia's, I seem to be better with growing from seed - note to self, research dahlia tuber storage!


I transplanted two dahlia's into pots right before that frost in April - I brought them inside for fear of the frost! - and another two last week after Easter.


The spot is mostly sunny in the morning with an afternoon shady reprieve, which the dahlia's seemed to appreciate last year. This location is also close to our sunroom window, we are hoping the butterflies & hummingbirds stop by for a sip of dahlia nectar!


Looks like a yellow bloom is ready burst open! I have a few more dahlia seedlings growing in the basement for the front garden - we're growing for our pollinators, and so should you!