Waiting (Patiently) For Zinnias

20120813-142645.jpg I have been waiting 4 months for this flower. Back in May I planted a handful of Green Envy Zinnia seeds. To date, I have one flower about to bloom, the rest still look like little sprouts - or punks!

Because I wanted my veg garden full of flowers, to lure in pollinators, I purchased 2 zinnias from the farmers' market. And I'm thrilled that I did, because my planter would have been sans-flora for much of the summer. The zinnia really added a punch of color and we've been rewarded with gigantic butterflies, tons of little buzzing pollinators, and a resident hummingbird that is fairly protective of the nectar from the marigolds & the zinnias.



So I'm hoping for a big green bloom soon. Maybe the rest of the little sprouts (see below) will decide to join the bloom party soon. I guess my winter will be filled with flower seeds & grow lamps, I'm determined to have a truck load of zinnias for next spring!


What's your fav summer flower? Did you grow it from seed?