What I'm Reading: To Market, To Market

20120623-142906.jpg My son & I love to read. Especially Nikki McClure books. It's as if the books told the story of this mama & her boy. Gardening, exploring, cooking & visiting farmers' markets. The books are visually stunning. Each page is a work of art, crafted by Ms. McClure's exacto knife and later colored with precision. To Market, To Market (published by Abrams Books for Young Readers) details a day at a beautiful autumn farmers' market. Each page tells the story of the food and the people cultivating the delicious treats. You can pick up most of Ms. McClure's books on Amazon, or via Buy Olympia. Make sure you check out the Buy Olympia site - it also sells her original art & prints. Phenomenal stuff.

Last weekend we visited the Glenwood farmers' market. Though it's small, no more than 8 vendors, it had a lot to offer. Check out what we picked up:

20120623-142913.jpg Sweet Cherries

20120623-142919.jpg Tomatoes & Snap Peas

20120623-142926.jpg Beet Cake Parfait (tastes just like a red velvet cupcake!)


We also picked up cantelope, cookies, peach cobbler, local bacon & sausages - Yum!

We don't make it to farmers' markets every week, but we do try. There's always something new and delicious, as well as friendly faces with a story about where these yummy treats came from.

Which farmers' market do you frequent? Do you prefer the big city markets or the smaller venues?