Autumn Clean Up

20121014-110047.jpg It's autumn clean up time in my neck of the woods. Time to recycle soil, empty the rain barrels, plant mums & garlic, and put away the hoses and patio furniture. I'm really hoping for a cold/snowy winter this year, so I'm spending a lot of time organizing and putting things away.


The autumn cleanup also includes the last harvest. In come the tomatoes, peppers, and the CSA is loading me up with cauliflower and broccoli. Into the canner, dehydrator & freezer they all go!




Needless to say, I'm swamped. Which leaves me little time to write - but with the big clean up out of the way, I have hopes of spending more time cooking & writing. I also hope to spend a little more time relaxing outside. We left out the fire-pit and some durable chairs. My husband loves to have an outdoor fire during the holidays. I think he just wants to escape the madness, and I do too!