Butternut Squash * my favorite orange vegetable!

20121001-115548.jpg Carrots & sweet potatoes are great, but no vegetable revs my tastebuds quite like butternut squash. It quietly grows all spring & summer and has the most delicious sweet flesh. Butternut squash is and always will be one of my garden staples. I may only harvest a few each year but, they are worth the work & wait.

This year, I grew my squash in containers. Container growing allows me to get the seedlings outside sooner and I can move the containers if one location ends up having better sun than another.


One of the best ways to preserve butternut squash is by freezing. I roasted my squash in a 400 degree oven for about 30 minutes. Just remember to halve them, seed them then drizzle on some olive oil. Then roast, cool, and scoop out the flesh and freeze in containers or plastic freezer bags.


This squash will end up as risotto, or pasta sauce.


What's your favorite way to cook & eat butternut squash? I love it in risotto!