chili powder for jeff

This week I harvested the last of the hot peppers to make chili powder for a dear friend. Starting last year, I made a special batch of chili powder and Im continuing the tradition. Ripe/unripe fish peppers, jalapeños and cayennes made their way into my dehydrator on Saturday. After 3 days of drying out, I popped the peppers into my food processor and promptly began to cry and choke on the capsaicin filled air. But my work was not done. The food processor only crunched and chopped the peppers - I sought a finer powder. After digging in my cupboards, I found an old coffee grinder! The (old, out of service, aka not used for grinding coffee beans) coffee grinder is perfect for pulverizing the bits of chili into powder. Fifteen minutes, and several crying sessions later, I had one and a half jars of chili powder. For you Jeff, I make this chili powder annually with literally my own peppers and tears.