Cookie Bake * 2011

Tis the season for cookies! For the past two years, my sister-in-law & I have a cookie baking marathon a week before Christmas. We put in quite a bit of thoughtful planning and lots of shopping into the prep, and ended up with 8 varieties, one of which I still need to make! We baked:

To be baked:


icing the shortbread "choo choos"

icing shortbreads


peppermint chocolate candy canes

peppermint chocolate candy canes

pecan sandies & nutella chocolate chip

shortbread sharks

shortbread choo choos

They key to our success - start some doughs early. The shortbread, pecan Sandies, and nutella doughs were all made the night before the bake. Additionally, we had a couple of extra hands. My son was a decorating machine! He glittered and sprinkled shortbread trains and sharks for his friends. My mother-in-law came to help too, she did a great job with the Ciambelle!

cookie cutters

cookie cutters

lotso' chocolate!

Another big help was pantry-clean-out day. About a week ago, I did a pantry clean out, so I knew what I had, and what I needed. Unlike last year when I had no powdered sugar. Thankfully, they all turned out great, and we're already planning for next year!