cooking with garlic scapes: fajitas

20140608-151904-55144701.jpg Right now, farmers markets are teeming with a delicious spring treat - not asparagus, not ramps, not fiddle heads - though all delicious - I'm talking about garlic scapes. These scapes come from my garden & Love Dove Farm.

One of our fav preparations using scapes is fajitas. Omit the chicken & add beans and this is easily a fabulous vegetarian or vegan meal. Gather your favorite veggies, some cumin & chili powder and dig in!


Last night we raided the fridge for an easy tortilla filling meal. Using:

-5 garlic scapes -3 shallots -1 rotisserie chicken (substitute home roasted chicken) -2 red bell peppers -2 packs of cremini mushrooms -1/2 cup of cilantro from the garden -1 tbsp ground cumin -1 tbsp pimenton -salt & pepper to taste -1 tbsp-1/4 water or stock depending on how thick/thin you like your fajitas -2 cans of TJs cuban black beans -Your fav tortillas -Sour cream & chopped scallions to garnish


Just chop up your veg, sauté in olive oil, add the chicken & spices. Let it all meld together, now might be a good time for some of that stock or water, and taste to adjust seasonings.

Since we make this for ages 1-36, I hold out the chile peppers until I plate each serving...don't want any burnt tongues!


Here's what the fajitas look like open & then wrapped up, pardon our excessive sour cream usage...we love the stuff!



Some additional garlic scape ideas:

Grilled w/ your fav protein Enchiladas Scape and Sausage Penne How about in an omelette?


Don't wait on scapes, they'll only be around for the next few weeks. Better yet - grow your own garlic and harvest your own!