CSA Pickup * August 19, 2011

This week's CSA pick up at Gorman Farm was the first "tomato-heavy" pick up. In addition to 3 pounds of red tomatoes 2 pints of cherry tomatoes, and 1 pound of green zebra tomatoes, I brought home 2 pounds of poblano peppers, a pound of yellow beans and a watermelon.

The poblanos have already been roasted and frozen, (they'll make a killer tamale pie around thanksgiving,) the watermelon will be snacked on all week, and the green beans will be blanched and smothered in herb-butter.


20110820-013839.jpg 20110820-013851.jpg

On to the tomatoes - since I'm not ready to can marinara sauce, I have been using the tomatoes from the CSA for fresh sauce. This week, I was thumbing through the latest Williams-Sonoma magalog and noticed a recipe for pasta e ceci soup. Sounds like the perfect way to use up three pounds of red beefsteak tomatoes!

Using up the green zebras will be a little trickier. This morning we feasted on green zebra BLT and egg sammies, and I think a little bruschetta with green zebras, olive oil and parm will make for a great lunch. These tomatoes seem best served raw. Green zebras are bright and zesty tomatoes, I wonder if they'd be good pickled. I don't know if I would add them to my to-grow list, but they are definitely on my to-eat list.

The cherry tomatoes are destined to be roasted and served with steak au poive along with gnocchi. And then I have my own tomatoes to contend with...