Eating Local: Breakfast Sammies

20121031-094752.jpg I'm closing out the SSFC Challenge with one of my favorite meals - not to cook - breakfast. Josh is the breakfast man and comes up with the most delicious meals, and we are fortunate to have a CSA that loads us up with what we need to make it - eggs, bacon, cheese, butter & bread! Eating local isn't just about the veg - you'll be amazed at what you can find at a farmers market. So do it already!


While the bacon is sizzling, Josh lovingly whisks up the eggs in a dash of half & half, salt, pepper & turmeric powder, (a tsp goes a long way.) After the bacon is done, he drains it on a paper towel and toasts up the ciabatta bread. Then tosses it into the oven to keep warm.

Next he tosses a tbsp or so of butter into the pan and scrambles the eggs until they are just cooked through - low & slow is the way to go.


Josh assembles the sandwiches and I can barely take a photo before we dig in. It's just that easy, and oh so delicious. What are you cooking up for breakfast? Here are a few other eggy delights from our kitchen:

Chard & Gruyere Strata Herbed Omelette Egg Noodle Torte