Eating Local: Fried Okra

20120827-125430.jpg A few years ago it was impossible to find okra in my neck of the woods. So now I grow it. I don't love okra the way I love tomatoes, but I can't make gumbo or dirty rice without it.


It's a cinch to fry it up, which is my favorite way to eat it. All you need is olive oil, okra, and salt. Slice the okra about 1/4 to 1/2 an inch thick and fry until golden brown on both sides. Skim out he pieces and drain on a paper towel. Salt the pieces when they are still hot. I dare you not to eat them (all) before your next batch.


The trick to growing okra is cutting the pods before they get too big & fibrous. I like them between 2-3 inches. It's amazing how quickly the pods grow. It wasn't until this year that I learned how quick and easy it is to fry up these crispy delights. Okra doesn't have to be a slimy mess, trust me!


Are you head over heels about okra? The flowers might be the prettiest in the garden!