Eating Local: Grilled Cheese Sammies w/ Hydroponic Tomatoes

It was 80 degrees today. This weather does not inspire soup, chili, burgers, or pasta. This weather inspires a gin & tonic! For some odd reason I was compelled to buy the beautiful gems pictured above. They are hydroponically grown tomatoes from Hummingbird Farm. The farm is located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, an hour or so from my neighborhood. But lucky for me, Roots keeps them in stock. These tomatoes are exactly what I needed on a summery March day.

In order to get the best out of the tomatoes, I kept it simple. Bread from The Breadery, pesto from my freezer, cheese from........Italy. I know - for shame! The Taleggio jumped from the Roots cheese case into my shopping cart. Then it snuggled up to the tomatoes and bread - story over. My local meal was trampled by an Italian masterpiece. Thankfully, guilt doesn't get me down for long. I paid my penance in the garden by planting root veg, kohlrabi, chard & hearty herbs.

What are your fav ingredients between two slices of bread? Are you easily swayed by the temptations of Italian taleggio, French raclette, Danish gouda, or Wisconsin cheddar?